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Hi! My name is Elijah Bubb, I am 6 years old and live in Milford with my family. Last year we found out that I have Type 1 Diabetes, that means my pancreas no longer produces insulin. Without insulin the sugar cannot get into my cells to turn into energy and feed my body. The sugar goes into my bloodstream and then I get rid of it when I go to the bathroom.

Since my body does not make insulin I have to get shots of insulin every time I eat and whenever my sugar is too high. When my sugar gets high it can hurt my body and I won’t grow the way I need to.

I also have to check my sugar at least 8 times a day by poking my finger and putting it on a test strip. This used to hurt a lot and I would scream and cry. Now, I am super brave and poke myself to check my sugar. The doctors say that I will have to do this the rest of my life and that people do not “grow out” of Type 1 Diabetes.

When I get older the doctors say I will know what it feels like when my sugar is high or low, but I have no idea right now. If it goes below 70 it can be very dangerous for me, I could even die. Mom and Dad said we are trying to raise money so I can get a Diabetic Alert Dog. These dogs are trained service animals and are awesome! The dog can actually smell when my sugar is high or low, it then alerts me or an adult that something is not right.

It is really scary when I don’t feel my low blood sugar, sometimes I can’t even move my body it is so low. The Diabetic Alert Dog will tell us up to 20 minutes before my Continuous Glucose Monitor(CGM) will, this can be the difference of life and death. We are working with the great organization Alert Service Dogs who does an amazing job at training these dogs to save lives.

I really hope we can raise enough money ($22,000) so I can get a Diabetic Alert Dog and feel a little more normal. Canine’s of Hope is a 501C3 that helps raise money for diabetic alert dogs through Alert Service Dogs. If you want to send money or help in any way please let us know.

Diabetes Facts

1.25 M
Americans with Type 1 diabetes
$ 9,000
Average annual medical costs of children & teens with diabetes
100 %
With T1D must take insulin
Has no cure
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Many people are wondering where we are in the process for Elijah’s diabetic alert dog or DAD. Financially- cost for a fully trained DAD is $20,000, we have raised $19,700. …

On The Active Waiting List

We have crossed our first financial milestone ($4000). Yay! This put Elijah on the Active waiting list for his DAD. What’s that mean? Well we are still actively raising the …

Fundraising Partners

Canines of Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that will be supporting and counseling families on their fundraising journey for Diabetic Alert Dog. Learn more at

Alert Service Dogs has been training diabetic alert dogs since 2007 to serve individuals and families affected by diabetes. Learn more at