October Status Update

Many people are wondering where we are in the process for Elijah’s diabetic alert dog or DAD. Financially- cost for a fully trained DAD is $20,000, we have raised $19,700. 😀 there is also a delivery and training charge which is roughly $1400-2000. The trainer will drive the dog to us and stay for 3 days to work with our family and the dog in our everyday life.
When- when we will get the dog? This is a difficult question to answer. Right now there are several dogs in training, one of them will be Elijah’s Dog. Since each Dogs has to meet several training milestones before they are placed with a family there is no set date of arrival. We are estimating late fall or winter.
Who- what dog are you getting. Not sure yet. Alert Service Dogs does an amazing job on gathering information about our family’s personality, interests and daily life and tries to match the perfect pooch with us. Since some dogs may not “pass the test” the training team does not tell us who the dogs is until a few weeks before arrival. That way we don’t get emotional attached to a dog that did not complete the program or needs additional training.

Although this is a long process we trust that we will receive the perfect dog for Elijah.

We so appreciate everyone’s prayers, thoughtfulness and support during this process. There is no way this would have become a reality without all of you!

With love and appreciation,
The Bubb family