On The Active Waiting List

We have crossed our first financial milestone ($4000). Yay! This put Elijah on the Active waiting list for his DAD. What’s that mean? Well we are still actively raising the rest of the funds, but in the mean time there is a lot of work that is going on behind the scenes.

We will be mailed a scent sample kit. In it will be collection containers to gather Elijah’s scent when he is sugar low and when it is high. There will also be t-shirts included which he will wear during his highs and lows. These samples and shirts will then be used to train his dog.

So when the dog finally arrives it will have spent months of training getting to know Elijah. We are looking at approximately 8-10 months for the dog to be fully trained, but obviously this could change since this is a living being and because Alert Service Dogs, Inc has such high standards.

Elijah is getting very excited, he has already planned on rearranging his room(he even sketched it out)for his dog to sleep with him..so cute.

We could not have gotten this far without the love and support of our friends, family, and our wonderful community.

Don’t forget to register for the 5k on April 29th in Milford. Sign up here.