Technology Is Only Helpful When It Works

I’m sure many of you are skeptical of why we are raising funds for a diabetic alert dog when we have some of the best technology out there. Well, technology is great when it works. If you look at this picture, this is Elijah’s CGM or continuous glucose monitor that tracks his sugar in 5 minute intervals. As you can see, it is not working.

Now there is no technological reason for it not to work. When his CGM is not working we don’t know where his sugar is, which means we are up every 2-3 hours checking on it, more if it is lower. An alert dog will alert us no matter what, it will wake up from sleeping if it senses his sugar is no longer in the safe range.

The amount of peace an alert dog can bring to our family is not measurable. It will bring companionship, joy, the ability to trust, the feeling that he can be a “normal” kid, and the dog will help him feel when he is high or low by alerting him when he is out of range. This will allow us to better manage his Diabetes for less long term complications. Maybe Mom and Dad will actually worry less and get some much needed sleep.

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